Advantages of arranged marriage for today’s generation

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Last Updated : Sep 23, 2018

In modern generation, every single young person is thinking about love marriage, although arranged marriage is a good idea. Here I listed some advantages of arranged marriage, which proves why it is a good idea.

Advantages of arranged marriage for today’s generation

Marriage is a beautiful relationship between two individuals that binds them with each other. Every man or woman wants to get a loving, caring and smart life-partner with he/she can spend life happily. There is two trend of marriages in India: Love marriage and Arranged marriage. In love marriage, a person can choose his/her life-partner of his/her own choice and in an arranged marriage, he/she have to marry with his/her parent's choice. The global rate of divorce between couples who married by arranged marriage is the only 4 percent. Let's see the advantages of arranged marriage.

1. No tension of dating pressure

It is difficult to find the right partner who can fall in love with you and get ready for marrying you after spending a lot of time and money in dating. In an arranged marriage, you need not worry about dating and setting. Your parents will find a right life partner for you. Just choose someone from the list created by your parents. Then the parents will take the matter forward.

2. Don't worry about heartbreaks

Unfortunately, many love stories are ending with heartbreaks. If you do arrange marriage, there are very few chances for heartbreak because your partner is selected by elders and experienced people. In arranged marriages, the character research is done extensively by the parents.

3. More respect for each other

In arranged marriages, both partners are strangers to each other before marriage. So they give more respect to their partner. They will never conduct themselves in a way which will lead their families in difficulty. In arranged marriages, there is more mutual respect among partners than love marriage.

4. Understanding of compromise

High level of understanding and compromising ability makes marriage life successful. This makes husband and wife understand the importance of adjustment. The couple knows that their relationship is directly connected to their families. Therefore relationship becomes stable in arranged marriages.

5. Be worry-free about children

In daily life for working couple bringing up children is challenging. If you are in an arranged marriage, your parents will take care of your children with love. So you need not to worry about your children.

Benefits of arranged marriage

6. Financial Support

When we think about money, Arranged marriages have an important advantage. In an arranged marriage, you need not worry about wedding expenses, because all wedding expenses will be borne by your parents. Whenever you will be in financial problems, your parents will help you.

7. Family relations becomes strong

In arranged marriages, the couple receives a lot of love and support from their families. It is comfortable for a girl as she has to go to her in-law’s house after marriage. Family members give a full support to you in any problem.

List of advantages of arranged marriage

  1. Don't worry about heartbreaks
  2. More respect for each other
  3. Understanding of compromise
  4. Family relations becomes strong

I am not opposed to love marriage. Just listed here some advantages of arranged marriage. No matter, How you married. If you and your partner trust, care and love each other, you definitely enjoy your married life.

Let's share your view in a comment. What you like in your life, Arranged or Love marriage? If you are married person, share your story.

Authored By Kinjal Desai
Kinjal Desai - Government Employee and Blogger

Kinjal is working as an employee of Gujarat Government and as a blogger. She is an expert in mathematics. She likes to read Gujarati literature, writing poetry, drawing, and watching movies. She spends her free time in a kitchen and doing housework. You can read more detail here.

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4 Comments on “Advantages of arranged marriage for today’s generation”

  1. Joy:

    Very good. I read all your articles. I am also married by arranged marriage. I am very happy with my wife in our lovely married life.

  2. Claudia:

    Oh, I loved reading this! I can imagine how you’d feel when someone inquires about the so-called Love or Arranged marriage. Mine is an arranged marriage to an Army.

  3. Praveen:

    Hello, my dear friends. In my point of view, it’s very difficult to say which is really better
    among love and arranged marriage.

  4. Julia:

    Read a marriage counsellor’s perspective on the controversial issue of love marriage vs arranged marriage in India, To love and marry or marry and love?