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Our Story

In September 2017, PinkLeave.com was born in our mind. After much discussion, we decided to make a perfect blog website that provides a useful knowledge and entertain peoples. Then we thought about the name of our website. We listed so many domain names but some are already purchased or premium listed. Finally, we decided PinkLeave.com is perfect for our website. We bought this domain name on 17th November 2017. Then we developed our website through our IfeelITS team. Finally, On 6th February 2018, PinkLeave stepped into the world of Websites by Ganpat Desai and Kinjal Desai. On 24th February, we posted our first article written by Ganpat Desai. That was a very special and memorable day for us.

Our Work

About Us - PinkLeave

Through PinkLeave.com, you can read all types of articles related to India. Some will entertain you, some will provide knowledge to you, some will tell you celebrity’s gossips, some will inform you about current fashion trends and lifestyle, other will teach you our great history, sports schedules, and many more. You can find everything that you want in PinkLeave.com.

People are telling us, “PinkLeave.com is a very good website that includes different types of categories that provide entertainment and knowledge”. We are feeling happy because the viewers are happy with our work. We are doing our best for entertaining you through our website. We are thankful to you for your best wishes.

Our Team

Ganpat Desai

Software Engineer and Blogger

Ganpat is a software engineer and blogger. He has 4 years of experience and he is an expert on Web & software development and Digital Marketing. As a founder, He is driving the visions of his all businesses. He also spends free time in agricultural work. You can read more detail here.

Kinjal Desai

Government Employee and Blogger

Kinjal is working as an employee of Gujarat Government and as a blogger. She is an expert in mathematics. She likes to read Gujarati literature, writing poetry, drawing, and watching movies. She spends her free time in a kitchen and doing housework. You can read more detail here.

We have other websites and business

  1. IFeelITS: We are providing services in Website design & Development, Android & iOS Apps, Digital marketing like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social media, Brandings like Logo designing and Brochure designing.
  2. BuyWithOffer.com: It is an Affiliate blog site.
  3. JustReachGoal.com: It is an Information and Technology related blog site.

We post our every article and interesting stuff on social media. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. Also, you can subscribe our RSS Feed and Email ID here. We will notify you when we publish a new article or news.

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